200 years of secrets and lies. An unforgettable love. One heart-breaking, hidden truth.

After two centuries of exile, Zephyr, newly elected leader of a powerful, secretive Empath organization, is finally free to return to Venice.

His main objective: to win back the woman who owns his heart.

Losing Jocasta almost destroyed him. The man he’s become doesn’t want a future without her. But regaining her trust and keeping her safe will be the hardest challenge he’s ever faced.

Jocasta, a former resistance fighter from a rebellious House, is now Justice of the Empath High Council. She never forgot Zephyr.

His love ignited her passion. His betrayal froze her heart. 

When Jocasta’s life is threatened, Zephyr offers her sanctuary and challenges her to discover the truth. A mystery concealed in an enigma, Zephyr is the biggest unanswered question in Jocasta’s life. She can’t resist picking up his gauntlet.

Can sizzling chemistry and remembered love heal Zephyr and Jocasta’s wounded hearts? Or must old debts be repaid, and the past confronted, before these soulmates can re-connect?