A battle-weary vampire warrior. An independent woman.  Are they impossible or unstoppable?

Berlin 1941 – the Nazis are hunting the paranormal. They’re getting too close.

Katie’s a ballsy lady who lives by her own code and flouts convention. Involved in Berlin’s resistance, she runs into trouble with both the Nazis, and the warriors who defend the vampire race her actions threaten to expose.

Max is cynical and exhausted.  Sent to arrest Katie, he’s moved by her idealism and entranced by her beauty and spirit. To keep Katie by his side, he recruits her to track a sinister Nazi organisation.

As Max and Katie’s passion deepens, so does the betrayal and treachery encircling them. The Nazis aren’t their only problem. Hiding in the shadows is the vampire race’s oldest adversary. Is his offer of help a poisoned chalice?

When victory turns to tragedy, Max must reveal his biggest secret and trust his old enemy.

He could lose everything but to save Katie, he’ll do it.

Sometimes, to win all, you have to risk all.

Berlin Nocturne is a prequel to the Warriors’ Council paranormal romantic suspense trilogy. If you like sexy vampire warriors, plucky heroines, sparkling romance and action packed adventure; you’ll love this page turner from Miranda Jameson.

From Amazon reviews:

  • “…a stellar read”.
  • Brings suspense and action to the front and keeps the audience engaged to the end. A must read.”


A vampire spy. An impulsive woman. A family of outcasts.
In wartime Paris, nothing is what it seems.

Doctor Bruno Steiner, half-blood vampire spy, has his life mapped out – brilliant career, service to his race and marriage to a pure-blood aristocrat. But when he saves a patient’s life, everything changes.

The slender tornado of a woman always has an opinion and is never slow to air it. She’s intolerable. And challenging.

Fleur Chastain, outcast half-blood, has waged her own war against Paris’s occupying forces. Arrested and tortured, she’s rescued by a man she suspects is a Nazi spy. But when she discovers who Bruno really spies for, she wishes her first guess was true.
The gorgeous doctor is out of her league, and engaged to be married. It’s strictly business. Period.

But sometimes, despite our best plans, fate delivers a message.

Is Paris merely a detour or the prelude to something wonderful?

Paris Prelude is a prequel to Miranda Jameson’s Warriors’ Council series. If you like gorgeous alpha heroes, strong, smart heroines, sparkling romance and fast-paced adventure – you’ll love this.

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A brilliant yet ruthless warrior. A woman given up for dead. A legendary power.

When Gabriel, the chief spy of the Warriors’ Council erupts into the life of paramedic Hera Smith, he triggers a dramatic chain of events that ultimately changes their lives. After Gabriel rescues Hera from armed attackers and takes her into his world, he finds himself intrigued by her aura of mystery and seeks to uncover the truth. Can Hera grow to trust him and disclose her secret after a lifetime spent in hiding?  She feels safe with Gabriel but those who murdered her family may still be after her. Hera is the last of her line. Dare she risk revealing her true identity?

As the Warriors’ Council prepares to sign a historic peace treaty with their ancient enemy, Gabriel and Hera must join forces against the renegades who threaten to unleash chaos and upend the peace process.

Gabriel struggles with the haunting memories of his past actions. When a dramatic event finally leaves Hera no choice but to reveal her power, Gabriel realizes she is the symbol of hope and light that will unite his world. Can he ever be worthy of her love or will the darkness inside him drive her away?

Gabriel is the first book in the Warriors’ Council paranormal romantic suspense trilogy and a fresh take on the Vampire story. If you like troubled, sexy heroes, strong women, tender romance and roller-coaster twists and turns, you’ll love Miranda Jameson’s new series.

From Amazon reviews:

  • “A compelling story that never stops surprising with its unexpected twists and turns”
  • Definitely worth reading”

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A grieving warrior and his beloved child. An honest thief. A vengeful and sadistic enemy.

When Javier of Seville, defender of his race, sets out to hunt down a ghost, he catches a thief. Cassia, a dauntless and clever art thief, has outwitted the authorities for more than a century. Trapped in the past by his love for a woman he tragically lost, Javier fights his growing attraction to Cassia who excites and exasperates him in equal measure. Can he face up to his loss and embrace love fully again?

Cassia yearns for honour and purpose in a life grown empty. Instantly attracted to this handsome and romantic warrior, she cannot accept living in the shadow of his old love. Sparks fly as Javier and Cassia work together to solve a mystery and find a killer with a deadly weapon.

As their leaders tiptoe through a new and precarious state of peace, past heroism and past crimes echo down the centuries to touch both their lives. Javier and Cassia must accept their history and find a better future…together or apart.

Javier is the second book in the Warriors’ Council paranormal romantic suspense trilogy. If you like heart-twisting romance, sexy alpha heroes, feisty heroines, intrigue, adventure and vivid imagery, you’ll love the latest instalment in Miranda Jameson’s exciting series.

From Amazon reviews:

  • “Another Winner from Miranda Jameson”
  • Fantastic”

Read Javier today and enter the world of the Warriors’ Council. This band of warriors will capture your heart.


A playboy warrior. An old-fashioned noblewoman. A devious and amoral traitor.

Elite Vampire warrior Rafe Deverill has everything he wants; a brilliant career, great wealth, fast cars, women and the freedom to do what he pleases. Life is sweet until his powerful father traps him in a web of deceit that forces him to change his life.

To prevent his sister being married against her will, Rafe reluctantly agrees to marry Lady Astrid as part of a deal proposed by her father. But Astrid, descendant of a great king, has her own plans for the future and they don’t include Rafe. She knows she’s a pawn in an elaborate game of treachery that could plunge her world back into bloody war.

Rafe and Astrid strike a bargain and are swept into a storm of intrigue that threatens everything they hold dear. As the soldiers of the Warriors’ Council face a deadly, unknown enemy, Rafe and Astrid fight against time to unmask a traitor amongst the rulers of their race. After a devastating attack leaves Rafe seriously injured, Astrid will do anything to save the warrior she has grown to love.

When the traitor is revealed and the warriors assemble for battle, Astrid accepts that her royal heritage comes with a price. She makes a difficult choice, leaving Rafe to decide whether they have a future together. Will Rafe realize the value of the one thing he never thought he wanted and come through for Astrid when she needs him most?

Rafe is the last book in the Warriors’ Council paranormal romantic suspense trilogy. If you enjoy fast-paced action, sexy heroes, exciting adventure, a love story to make you laugh and cry and books that leave you desperate to know what’s next, you’ll love Miranda Jameson’s series.

From Amazon reviews:

  • Another great read”
  • “As always a gripping story line and beautifully scripted”

Read Rafe and stay with this band of alpha warriors till the end.