A treasonous plot. A forced marriage. Can a playboy warrior and a princess overcome their mutual distrust and learn to love each other?

The Playboy Warrior​

Vampire warrior Rafe Deverill works hard and plays even harder. Money, women, and the latest Porsche – life’s perfect. Isn’t it? When his powerful father traps him into a forced marriage, he’s horrified to discover his bride is a spy. Is he her only target or is something far more sinister going on? He avoids love like the plague but his bride ignites his body and stirs up feelings he can’t handle. How can he trust his heart when he dare not trust her?

The Princess

Sold into marriage, Lady Astrid, descendent of a great king, knows she’s a pawn in a game of treachery that could plunge her world into bloody war. She has her own plans for the future and they don’t include the powerful blue-eyed warrior who makes her heart pound and her stomach do cart-wheels. Her reluctant mate doesn’t trust her but he makes her feel safe for the first time in her life. She’ll help him unmask a traitor and she’ll grant him the freedom he craves, but first – he must teach her a thing or two.