When a grieving warrior captures an honest thief, will she steal his frozen heart?

The Warrior

For eight years, vampire warrior Javier of Seville has grieved for his murdered mate. All he lives for is his daughter and his job. His heart is locked and he’s lost the key. Lured into hunting down a ghost, he captures a beautiful thief. The exasperating woman thaws the ice around his heart and makes him long to live fully again. But he can’t betray his dead mate and he isn’t sure he deserves a second chance.

How can he go forward when he hasn’t laid the past to rest?

The Thief

Clever and dauntless, Cassia has outwitted the authorities for over a century. Thieving is all she knows but she yearns for honour and purpose in a life grown empty. When Javier arrests her, his job offer could be a chance to start over. His beautiful smile could be her undoing but she can’t and won’t compete with his lost love.

It’s hopeless, once the job’s done, she’ll walk away.