A ruthless vampire warrior. A woman with a powerful secret. Can love conquer distrust and unite ancient enemies?

The Ruthless Warrior

Gabriel, chief spy for the Warriors’ Council of the Vampires, is haunted by loss and damns himself for his past actions. When a paramedic saves his life, he pays his debt by taking her into his world. She’s hiding something and he’s determined to uncover her secret. Hera awakens his heart, but she’s too good for someone like him. If he lets her get too close and she sees the darkness inside him, she’ll leave and never come back.

The Enigmatic Woman

Hera Smith has been officially dead for over two hundred years. As the last of a legendary line, she can’t risk her identity being discovered. Two centuries in hiding have taught her that trust can be fatal. Gabriel is the most dangerous person she’s ever met. So why does she feel safe with him? He guards his privacy fiercely but vampires and humans are open books to her. Will revealing her biggest secret confirm Gabriel’s belief that they can never be together?

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