Alexis Chronus plays to win. Now, the criminal he hunts has beaten him and the woman he loves won’t have him. Suspended from the High Council for going rogue, he’s isolated and close to breakdown. He won’t stop until he catches the man who killed his parents and hundreds of innocents.

Blinded by a deeply buried trauma, Flavia Mathrafal has tiptoed through life. When she learns Alexis is in trouble, she can’t bear to abandon him to cope alone. Her love for the Empath spy still burns but Vampires and Empaths are separated by ancient laws and taboos she lacks the courage to defy.

Revenge may not be what Alexis, or his people needs.

Sometimes, vision goes beyond physical sight.

And love may give you courage to overcome the impossible…


If you love flawed alpha heroes, intrepid heroines, adventure and sparkling romance, you’ll love this first instalment of the Empaths of Venice Trilogy. And fans of Miranda Jameson’s Warriors’ Council Trilogy will meet old friends in this book.

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