Sweet revenge, or the soulmate he loves. He can’t have both.

Empath spy Alexis Chronus plays to win. But now, the criminal he hunts has beaten him and the High Council has suspended him for going rogue. Isolated and close to breakdown, he won’t stop until he catches the monster who killed his parents. An offer of help from his vampire ex-lover is an unexpected gift.

Hiding secrets from her ex is a challenge.

Blinded by a deeply buried trauma, Flavia has tiptoed through life. When she learns Alexis is in trouble, she can’t bear to abandon him to cope alone. Her love for him burns deep, but she lacks the courage to defy ancient laws and taboos separating vampires and Empaths.

A forbidden love neither can resist.

When Alexis and Flavia uncover a secret that rewrites Alexis’s past, they’re forced to reassess their future. Revenge may not be what Alexis, or his people, needs. And if Flavia can’t confront her trauma, she’ll never have the life she wants.

Their choices could tear them apart unless love makes them brave enough to overcome the impossible…